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TLCBET is the safest and most reliable online gaming site. "Gambling can cause addiction and is not good for your health" is our slogan, We hope you can play as safely and comfortably as possible in TLCBET. TLCBET provides a variety of exciting and fun game products like Sports, casino and Slot that can give you an amazing and unforgettable experience.

Why does TLCBET choose the slogan "Gambling can cause addiction and is not good for your health?"

Playing Healthy, Safe and Comfortable is our hope! We do not want members to be addicted to gambling or make TLCBET a place to earn a living. We only hope that members can be entertained with our products. The most important thing we hope for is that you get the excitement of playing on the TLCBET site.

Why do I need to trust TLCBET?

TLCBET has a gambling license from First Cagayan Leisure & Resort Corporation. Certified and governed by these credible gambling bodies, you can convince yourself that joining and playing healthily in TLCBET complies with regulatory standards, a secure and comfortable platform for the satisfaction of our members in play and unforgettable experience. TLCBET works closely with the world's best network audit and security system to ensure the security and confidentiality of your account information as well as the details of the listed bank.

Does TLCBET have Sponsorship?

TLCBET respects the integrity of sport, therefore we have partnered with WBA (West Bromwich Albion) and Sunderland. The Sunderland partnership with us as an official bet partner in Asia to date.

If I am experiencing an obstacle on this site, Who will I contact?

We are proud to inform you that TLCBET has quality, educative, efficient and friendly customer service available within 24/7 serving you for any purposes related to TLCBET site. You simply call our Customer Service at Live Chat or click on the "Help" menu available on this site page.

Does TLCBET hold firm to its promise?

At TLCBET, we have a simple vision to provide all the entertainment games online with premium quality but with healthy and safe play. We promise to keep your account information confidential on the TLCBET website.

Playing With Responsibility in TLCBET

TLCBET is committed to supporting players to bet responsibly and raise awareness of issues in betting and improve prevention of negative impacts on gambling issues.

List of issues in Gambling

TLCBET strives to provide entertainment channels to our customers on the positive side. In support of that objective, We laid the groundwork of protection to ensure and ensure the game with responsibility. We encourage our customers to recognize the level of risk of gambling problems through an assessment of the list below:

Do you leave a job or a lesson to gamble?

Do you gamble as a way out of boredom or sadness?

When gambling and you run out of money, do you feel lost and desperate and need to gamble back as soon as possible?

Do you gamble until all your money runs out?

Have you ever lied to cover the amount of money or time you spent gambling?

Have you ever lied to borrow or steal some money to gamble?

Are you reluctant to use gambling money for other things?

Do you lose interest in family, friends or other hobbies?

After losing, do you feel the need to try again and win back your defeat as soon as possible?

If most of the answers are "yes", it might be a sign of gambling problems. We advise you:

Gambling just for your free time

Avoid just to catch up

Gambling is only within the limits of ability.

Pay attention to the time and amount of money you spend

Seek guidance and support on gambling issues, please visit The Gamblers Anonymous International Services: for more information.


TLCBET.COM FULLY ALLOWS FIRST CAGAYAN AND OPERATES IN PHILIPPINES TO PROVIDE ONLINE SPORTSBOOK BELGS, CASINO BAY SERVICES AND OTHER GAMES. These Terms and Conditions shall come into force on December 31, 2014 and supersede any of the preceding terms and conditions. If you do not agree with any of the terms and conditions which are amended from time to time or impose other conditions, you may elect not to log on this site and not receive the appropriate services.


If you have any further questions or assistance, Please contact us through the contacts listed below:

BBM : 55679714

Line : ID Line: asiabagus

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